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    4 Key Differences Between Angie's List and AAA House Manager

    Posted by Sophie Bousset on Oct 8, 2019 7:30:00 AM
    Sophie Bousset
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    Remember the old days of going through the phone book to look for a plumber? Homeowners in our day and age are fortunate to have so many options and resources to help with home care! With that said, the sheer number of products and services can be overwhelming. To help you make the best decision for your home and needs, we've started mapping out the various services and pros and cons, starting with traditional handymen and home warranties. Next up: Angie's List.


    1. Ease of Use

    The biggest difference between Angie's List and AAA House Manager is the service offered and its convenience. Angie's List is a listing site with vetted reviews for professional businesses and discounts. Primary differentiators from competitors such as Yelp or Google+ Local include confirmation that reviewers actually used the company they're reviewing as well as more thorough reviews which include 5-star ratings for dimensions such as professionalism and quality.

    AAA House Manager, on the other hand, is a preventive home maintenance service. Membership includes twice-yearly visits from AAA employees who go through your home with a fine-toothed comb to find potential issues before they become costly home emergencies and perform preventive maintenance such as cleaning out fridge coils and dryer vents. Plus, you get a detailed Home Health Report with their findings and an industry low hourly rate for everything else that needs to get done around the house. 

    The short of it? You can compare reviews, call companies, and look for deals or choose one point of contact who will handle all of your home maintenance needs, from sending out the AAA-certified employee with the right skillset to scheduling your appointment (no 4-hour time windows!). 


    2. Quality of Service

    Quality of service is another area where we see some differences. Understandably, a listing site is going to include a large number of local businesses — some excellent and some not so great. The point is to go through the reviews to find the companies that go above and beyond. In theory, this is a good system. But things can get a little messier when you throw incentives into the mix, like selling ads. According to CBS News, consumer advocacy groups accused Angie's List of giving preferential treatment to the companies it sold ads to in 2013 and again in 2019. While we don't know how much truth there is to this claim, it's worth keeping in mind when perusing reviews.

    As part of AAA, House Manager is held to the same standards of service and customer satisfaction as our parent company. All of our House Managers are full-time employees and AAA-certified, so you know you'll always get the quality you deserve, no matter how small the job.



    3. Satisfaction Guarantee

    According to their site, Angie's List offers a limited guarantee to "eligible members on qualified purchases, some exclusions apply." Their customer support team filled in the details: Gold and Silver members can use the guarantee to submit a claim within 30 days of an unsatisfactory service being rendered and within 120 days of purchase on their site. From there, customer service connects with both parties to see how the situation can be brought to a happy resolution.

    With AAA House Manager, you get AAA's legendary service guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll do what it takes to fix it. It's that simple.


    4. Pricing

    Angie's List and AAA House Manager also have different pricing structures. With Angie's List, customers can sign up for a Silver ($24.99 per year) or Gold ($99.99 per year) membership. Both include Angie's print magazine, its guarantee, and special discounts, but Gold members also get access to additional discounts, a "Complaint Resolution Process, Emergency Service Line, and Home Concierge."

    AAA House manager membership starts at $40 per month or $440 per year (1 month free) and includes bi-annual 2-3 hour assessments when our House Managers look at more than 120 points in your home to catch any current or upcoming problems and perform preventive maintenance to keep appliances and home systems running smoothly. You then receive a digital report with a detailed account of your home's state and recommended repairs or maintenance. The visits and report alone could easily cost more than $800 in plumber, electrician, and foundation expert fees. Last, but not least, members also benefit from our low hourly rate of $89, available for everything from fixing a leaky faucet to cleaning the gutters or installing folding doors.


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    We hope this comparison was helpful and that you now have a better understanding of your options for home maintenance and repairs. Angie's List can be a great resource if you know what to look for in reviews and are confident in your ability to suss out the right company for your needs. But if you want a more comprehensive or turnkey solution, we're here to help. Have questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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