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    Home Maintenance Insight and Advice from a AAA House Manager

    Posted by Michelle Galvez on Jul 18, 2019 2:21:00 PM
    Michelle Galvez

    When it comes to home maintenance issues and prevention, there are no experts quite like our AAA House Managers. They’ve seen it all and fixed it all. We’ve been curious to know about the most common problems homeowners are facing and the possible pitfalls that can be avoided. So we sat down with one of our most experienced House Managers, Matthew, to ask him about what he's seeing out in the field and what advice he’d like us to pass along to you.

    QUESTION: What are some of the most common issues you see when visiting homes of AAA House Manager members?

    HM-133 Home Maintenance Insight and Advice from Our AAA House Managers-03Matthew: Water is definitely a big issue. We often see it intruding into places where it shouldn’t be — leaking from roofs into the home, leaks in bathrooms and kitchens. Water does the most damage to a home when it doesn’t have a chance to dry out. Getting in front of it is important so we make sure members are aware of the best ways to do that. Then they’ll either have us help or fix the issue themselves. 

    QUESTION: What are some of the most common oversights you see homeowners make?

    HM-133 Home Maintenance Insight and Advice from Our AAA House Managers-03Matthew: A lot of it is just basic maintenance issues, like hot water heater flushes. Tankless hot water heaters are kind of new to the market. Many homeowners don’t know that there can be a lot of build up that can get into the pipes and cause serious damage down the line. They should be flushed every 12 to 18 months, but I see members go 3, 4, or 5 years without doing anything.

    Rain gutters are another common oversight. They should be cleaned once or twice a year depending on foliage around the home. I see them neglected, which causes dry rot and water intrusion. Things that seem minor actually add up over the course of time.

    QUESTION: What home preventative maintenance issues or tasks are homeowners surprised to learn?

    HM-133 Home Maintenance Insight and Advice from Our AAA House Managers-03Matthew: I actually find that a lot of our members are knowledgeable about the things that they should be doing, but it’s a big obstacle to find someone they trust to get the work done in a safe and responsible manner. This is their sanctuary, their home. To have that trust and rapport with somebody — and know they’re not going to get ripped off — is super important. So building trust with them and building on their knowledge is a priority for me.

    QUESTION: What is one piece of advice you would give every homeowner to help them take better care of their home?

    HM-133 Home Maintenance Insight and Advice from Our AAA House Managers-03Matthew: To get out in front of things. We have a tendency to let things go, thinking they might not be as bad as they really are. But often times, getting in front of an issue can be the difference between a $1,000 fix and $10,000 fix. So communicating with your House Manager so that we can make recommendations or repairs before they become larger, totally overwhelming projects.


    Do any of these common household problems sound familiar? You’re likely not alone. Our House Managers offer a good reminder for what to be on the lookout for around your home. Get out in front of any potential issues an address any ongoing ones as quickly as possible. You can always do it yourself, but if you find you’re in need of help, our expert House Managers (including Matthew) are here to help! 

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