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    Real Life Home Disaster Averted: Stories From House Managers

    Posted by Sophie Bousset on Jul 25, 2019 7:00:00 AM
    Sophie Bousset
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    Our House Managers see it all out in the field. They venture into the nooks and crannies of a house that a homeowner typically does not see up close — up onto the roof or under the crawl space — and sometimes find some surprising (and concerning!) things. Here, they share some of their most memorable stories of home disasters averted.

    Matthew: Peek-a-boo Leak

    Matthew Round Headshot (2)I once visited a home in Danville, Ca to repair a wall with water damage. The homeowner had a roof leak and thought it was fixed by a previous contractor. When we looked at it, we saw signs that there was still water inside the home, so we tested again to make sure everything was fixed properly. There was still a leak! If we had repaired the wall, not only would the owner have paid to repair the wall then, but water would have come through again next season, requiring more repairs. Instead, we found what was wrong with the roof and were able to get that repaired for him. Potentially, the water could have continued to do damage, turned to dry rot, and caused lots of other problems. We got out in front of that, allowed him to make a better decision based on what we found, and fixed both his roof and his wall for him.


    Ben: Furnace Rescue Mission

    Ben Round Headshot (1)A House in Martinez I worked on had a water intrusion and grading issue. They lived at the bottom of a hill and there was so much water this last rain that it took over their whole foundation. When people buy homes, they don’t realize how much water will affect their home until it starts raining. In this house, the grading and water intrusion were so bad that they caused a landslide under the house and took over the furnace. It literally buried their furnace! They had no idea until we came and inspected it. We had to come back out to excavate the furnace. Thankfully, it had not suffered too much damage yet and still worked. Then we consulted with them on solutions to deal with all the water coming down the hill straight to their house. They were very excited, happy, and grateful that we noticed it.


    Sam: Ghost Leak That Won't Quit

    Sam Round HeadshotOne time I went to a house for a leak. The owner has just noticed a leak on the ceiling, so I opened it up to find out where it was coming from. There was nothing there, so I thought that maybe it was the roof. I went up on the roof, but the roof was fine too. I opened the ceiling up again and finally found it — it was a pinhole leak in a pipe! If I hadn’t caught it, that hole would have gotten bigger and caused a lot more damage. It would have been a disaster: leaked out in the walls, the owner would have had to replace all of the ceiling sheetrock, the wall sheetrock… let alone the mold that would have come in. It wouldn’t have been healthy for the people that lived there. Inhaling mold makes you sick. She was extremely happy and relieved that I found the leak. Two other people had come and fixed the sheetrock without finding the leak before me. Each time, the watermark would appear again. Now it's finally fixed for good!


    Robert: Pest Pool Party 

    Robert Round HeadshotI once went to a house to check the kitchen sink. As we were getting our tools ready, the homeowner told us there were also a lot of mice and bugs in the house. We wound up in the crawl space, looking for a source. Once there, we noticed that the drain pipe that connects to the kitchen sink was disconnected; all the sink water had been flowing out. It was like a swimming pool under the kitchen floor! All the water from the sink was staying in the crawl space under the house. The mice and bugs loved it. There was so much water that it must have been like that for weeks or months. Situations like this — with all these pests, bugs, and mice — can get really bad if they go on for too long. Not talking about the water damage to the house and foundation, mold could have started to grow and people could have gotten sick. Luckily, we were able to find the problem and fix it. The water caused some damage, but it could have been worse. Fixing the foundation could have been really expensive if this had gone on much longer. The owner was so surprised when she saw the pictures we took. She was really happy that we were able to find the problem. No more bugs or mice for her!


    Notice a theme here? Water is one of the biggest hazards for a home. It can start going — and staying stuck — in places it should not be all too easily. One of the worrisome aspects of some of these stories is that before joining AAA House Manager, the homeowners had brought in handymen who did a poor job and either did not find the issue or mistakenly thought they had addressed it. While we're in no way suggesting that independent handymen are incapable, the quality of their work can vary widely. All of our work is backed up by AAA's quality guarantee, because we believe your home's health and safety are too important to leave to chance.

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