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    You've Had Your Home Assessment. Now what?

    Posted by Michelle Galvez on Sep 10, 2019 12:24:15 PM
    Michelle Galvez

    Congratulations! You made the decision to become a member of AAA House Manager. You found time in your schedule to set up your Home Assessment, watched as your House Manager closely inspected every nook and cranny of your home, and waited for the results. Now, you’re sitting in front of your laptop reading over your Home Health Report thinking; Now what? 

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the results or stuck on what to do next, you’re not alone. We find it’s actually pretty common among our Members. Whether the issue is with the list being long or with trouble prioritizing the recommended work, it’s sometimes several weeks (or longer) before a plan is put into place.

    So, we’re going to tackle the big “what now?” question and provide advice on how to get unstuck, but let’s first take a look at the components of your Home Health Report.

    Home Health Report = Your Action Plan

    As you’ve likely seen, your Home Health Report is extremely detailed. We section it out by room, list the many areas we’ve surveyed, and include photos for reference. At quick glance, you’ll be able to identify the areas in good repair and those that need attention. In the notes section, you’ll see details of any potential issues, recommendations for correcting them, and an estimate for the amount of time it would take. Keep it somewhere handy, as you'll want to refer back to it often as you build your action plan. 

    Prioritize Safety 

    During the Home Assessment, your House Manager was on the hunt for potential safety issues and code violations. They will be noted in your Home Health Report, along with details on what should be fixed. We suggest printing out your report and using a highlighter to bring them to your attention as taking care of these should be your top priority. Then, add up the time estimates included in the report.

    Start Small

    The typical maximum time for a House Manager home visit is 4 hours. If the collective time estimate for the safety related tasks is under that, consider adding several small tasks to the order for your next home visit. It’s common for Home Health Reports to include projects with time estimates as low as 10 minutes. You may actually be surprised to learn just how many small issues you have around your home. Of course, they can quickly add up.

    Everything Else

    Now that you’ve tackled safety issues and the quick and easy tasks, you'll be left with everything else. These may be larger projects that will take more time and materials. There may even be planning that needs to be done on your end, or research into outside service providers, like a pest control company. Either way, now you have a whittled-down list that should be easier to parcel through and prioritize.  

    Add to Your Calendar

    You may have recommendations for tasks to do in the future, like filter changes or a hot water heater flush. You may also be given notes on things to monitor to see how quickly they deteriorate. Put these on your calendar. Of course we’ll also be tracking these items and will remind you during our next visit, but they’re good for you to be aware of as well. 


    We already know that owning a home is a lot of work and maintaining it can feel overwhelming. Your Home Health Report is meant to help, we promise! Don't let it slow you down on all the work you want to get done. Break up the information, piece by piece, and tackle projects in order of importance. And remember, we're your partner along the way, so if you need help prioritizing, just ask!

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