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    9 Bay Area Home Improvement Trends for 2019

    Posted by Ed Yevelev on Jan 18, 2019 10:06:10 AM
    Ed Yevelev
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    Are you seeking to add value to your home in 2019? Whether it’s to capitalize on an increasingly lucrative rental housing market, or simply to increase your comfort and enjoyment of your home, renovating is always a good idea. Knowing “what’s hot” and “what’s not” is a great place to start, and a great way to get the most from your investment.

    Here are nine hot home improvement trends for 2019:

    Home Improvement_Blog_Insert_11. Home automation

    Home automation is finally going mainstream, with nearly 20% of U.S. households containing at least one smart home device. (The number is expected to rise to nearly 25% in 2019.) From locks to thermostats, AC units, and security cameras, smart home systems continue to gain in popularity. They save energy, money, and time. They’re simple to install and can be operated remotely. Technology is moving quickly in the home improvement category. Don’t let your home get left behind!



    2. Upgrading the home officeHome Improvement_Blog_Insert_2

    If doctors can perform surgeries 400 kilometers away from their patients, surely you, too, should be able to work from home.  More and more people are, which is why it increasingly makes sense to upgrade your home office. Whether it’s a stylish furniture set for entertaining clients or a comfortable chair for those afternoons when you can’t get away from your desk, creating an office environment that is equal parts functional and inspiring is worth the time and investment.



    3. Home wellnessHome Improvement_Blog_Insert_3

    You’ve made your home smarter, but how healthy is it? The Global Wellness Institute is behind an emerging movement in home design that attempts to counteract many of the negative effects of modern living: nature deprivation, social isolation, pollution, and more. Structures that support a healthier, more holistic approach to living are catching on. It might mean making your home greener or more earth friendly. It might mean cleaning out your closet, Kondo-style.



    Home Improvement_Blog_Insert_54. Circadian rhythm lighting

    “Circadian rhythms” are the daily changes in our physical, mental, and behavioral states that result from light and dark cycles. They’re also the concept behind the latest trend in lighting. Circadian rhythm lighting refers to any lighting system that is designed to match natural light in its warmth, and shift throughout the day to ease the impact of artificial light on the human body. No smart home lighting schematic is complete without it.



    Home Improvement_Blog_Insert_5-15. Interior decor
    au naturel

    Why stop at natural lighting? Let’s talk about natural materials. A growing chorus of Interior décor experts predicts a move in 2019 toward natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite. Fans of these materials say they bring a sense of serenity to any interior, making them a popular choice for today’s high-stress, oftentimes synthetic world. They’re better for the environment, too. Looking for interior design ideas that incorporate natural materials? Lushome has compiled a list of 33 possibilities here.


    Home Improvement_Blog_Insert_66. Velvet is back!

    Following closely on the heels of the fashion industry, interior design trendsetters have fallen in love (again) with velvet’s luxurious texture. One reason for this is that recent advances in fabric technology have created softer and plusher upholstery velvets that are both machine-washable and stain-resistant. Why not consider this “new and improved” velvet for draperies, bedding, upholstery, or accent pillows? It’s a simple, elegant way to update most any interior decor scheme.



    Home Improvement_Blog_Insert_77. Artisanal accessories

    It’s the little things that count, especially if they’re artisanal. Think stoneware vases, waffle weave throws, and fluted windowsill planters. Artisan handmade accessories are thoughtfully crafted, relatively inexpensive, and a surefire way to personalize any space.  The Citizenry, Ten Thousand Villages, and West Elm all specialize in simple, expertly made accessories that can add warmth to your home’s interiors.


    Home Improvement_Blog_Insert_88. The rise of DIY

    According to Forbes, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population made home improvements in 2018. The article points out that with the Do-It-Yourself crowd spending more time on their digital devices (like the rest of us), is it any wonder they’re turning to the Internet for help with their DIY projects? Dedicated YouTube channels like Ask the Builder, HomeAdditionPlus, and This Old House only ensure that number continues to grow.




    Home Improvement_Blog_Insert_9 9. Taking the time you need

    “If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right.” That oft-quoted saying isn’t so much a home improvement trend as it is an overriding philosophy for smart home renovation. Whether you’re installing a smart home device or undertaking a home office remodel, hiring a professional or doing it yourself, it pays to take the time and effort required to do the job right.






    Remodeling is more than a great way to improve your home’s value. It will make you feel good about where you live! We’ve outlined a few of our favorite home improvement trends for 2019. With the right amount of planning and patience, you can give your home a fresh look that will improve its resale value and upgrade your quality of life.

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