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    Love Your Home: Creative Decoration Ideas for Halloween

    Posted by Sophie Bousset on Oct 17, 2019 7:59:00 AM
    Sophie Bousset
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    Halloween has always been a time for playful self-expression and creativity for children and adults alike, and that festive spirit is only increasing as Millennials show how serious they are about their favorite holiday, according to Forbes. Whether you're looking to step up your Halloween decoration game or just get some inspiration for around the house, these 4 DIY ideas are sure to please.

    Halloween decoration idea orange door mushrooms

    1. Spooky Tree Dwellings

    Halloween doesn't have to be all cackling witches and walking dead. For a whimsical yet decidedly Halloween-themed take on tree elves, dress up trees in your front yard to look like homes for mischievous forest dwellers. Orange doors with creepy elements such as spider webs or bats make this more Day of the Dead and less FernGully, but that doesn't mean you can't keep these up year round should they strike your fancy. Dusty, cracked windows and a "front yard" adorned with skeletons add a spooky touch.


    2. Halloween Tree

    Getting excited about the holidays? We know you already have a spot picked out to put up your Christmas tree and are getting angsty to put a pine in there... so go for it! Instead of your usual ornaments, however, hang fall and Halloween-inspired decorations such as fake skull, pumpkin, or spiderweb ornaments. Picking a color scheme that incorporates black, white, and orange decorations will also help give your tree a scarier versus jolly feel. For inspiration, check out Lil Luna's Halloween tree decorations.


    Jack o' lantern pumpkin with teal smoke

    3. Smokey Pumpkins

    Who wants a boring, traditional pumpkin when you can have one that leaks colorful smoke? To create this effect, carve your pumpkin(s) as you normally would, making sure to cut several large holes for smoke to escape from, put dry ice in a container, and set that inside your pumpkin. Then place a small LED candle the color of your choice down next to your container inside the pumpkin, and add water to the dry ice. To really wow visitors, try color-changing LED candles. Just steer clear of smoke bombs, which can light your pumpkin on fire.


    4. Scary Soundtrack

    Last, but certainly not least, no Halloween get-together is complete without a fitting soundtrack. Good Housekeeping has a great list of costume party songs to help you get started. Once you've made your music selection, don't forget to check in on your speaker situation. If you need to hang speakers around your home or in your yard, make sure to follow safety precautions to ensure they don't fall off and potentially hurt someone, or have a House Manager mount them for you. 

    Pro tip: The key to installing speakers is selecting a mounting location that can hold the speaker's weight, won't sag overtime, and is sturdy enough to handle a little shaking as speakers are liable to vibrate at higher volumes. Skip cedar and aluminum siding (too soft or thin) in favor of solid wood or masonry, which are stronger, and use the brackets provided with your speakers for the best (and safest) results. If you're not getting enough volume and the music is too soft, consider adding more speakers versus turning the sound up, which will make for better acoustics according to WikiHow.


    What are some of your Halloween home décor go-to's? Are there any new decorations you're trying this year? Share your favorites and ideas with us in the comments!


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