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    AAA House Manager and Investment Properties: How We Help Landlords and Second Home Owners

    Posted by Michelle Galvez on Sep 19, 2019 11:36:46 AM
    Michelle Galvez

    Properly maintaining a home is difficult. Properly maintaining two, three or four can be downright impossible. So it’s no wonder that we’re often asked by landlords and owners of second homes if a AAA House Manager membership could work for them.

    After all, landlords know that the better maintained their rental units, the more they’ll save in repairs. They also know that time can be shortened in between tenants if there are fewer fixes to be made, preventing the loss of rental income. And vacation home owners like the peace of mind of having someone watch out for the condition of their home while they’re away, ensuring everything is in proper working order when they come into town.  

    The good news is we can help with both. But it’s a unique type of membership, so we like to start by laying out the details for how it works. 

    House Manager KnockingOne Unit, One Membership

    As with every home in our subscription network, each unit receives its own membership because we treat each one individually. As landlords know, every unit will experience its own level of wear and tear over time. We visit each one twice a year, provide personalized Home Health Reports, and custom plans to ensure they receive the preventative care and repairs they need. Therefore, even if a property owner would like to sign up multiple units — a duplex or fourplex as examples — each requires its own AAA House Manager membership.


    Property Maintenance, Not Management

    This is a tough one to differentiate sometimes, but important to cover. We don’t offer property management services. So we can’t do things like help find tenants, collect rent, or answer middle-of-the-night emergency calls when something breaks. We’re here to check in on the condition of a property before, during and after it’s occupied. We find this especially helpful for landlords who live far away, or for units with a longtime tenant that have gone years in between inspections. We know that tenants don’t always call when there’s a problem, so with our regular visits we’re able to catch potential issues before they become big problems. 


    House Manager repairing a sinkNotice to Tenants Before a Visit

    In California, landlords are required to give tenants notice “a reasonable amount of time” — presumably 24 hours — before work is done on the unit. We leave this responsibility with the landlord. If not done properly, we’re usually turned away by tenants which causes delays and cancellation fees for the property owner. However, if we are provided with a tenant’s email address, we can copy them on emails confirming appoints to help ensure everyone is on the same page. 


    Placing Work Orders

    Because the AAA House Manager membership lives with the property owner, work orders must be placed by them. This prevents any miscommunication between landlord and tenant, or unapproved orders for work that could add up quickly. We can rest assured that owners are always aware of what work is being done on their properties.


    RT_DE7A0090-1Access to the Property

    One of the lesser known features of AAA House Manager is our lockbox program. We’re able to set them up for any property covered by a membership. This works especially well for units that are used as vacation homes and sit vacant much of the year. It can also be convenient if work is specifically scheduled for when a tenant will be at work or out of town. No need to have someone waiting at the home to let us in.  



    AAA House Manager can be an excellent partner for property owners, saving them time, money and worry. Because every situation is different, we always like to know how we can best serve both the landlord and the tenant. We encourage you to give us a call with your questions at 855-634-0334. And, while we’re best set up to help owners of up to four properties, we’re working on a solution to accommodate 5-10 unit developments as well. If that’s you, we’d like to hear what you’re looking for so we can take your needs into consideration as we expand our services.

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