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    5 Differences Between a AAA House Manager and a Handyman

    Posted by Lauren Parker on Jun 21, 2019 11:03:16 AM
    Lauren Parker
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    Houses don’t take care of themselves and, if you're like most homeowners, you have more than a few repair or preventative maintenance projects on your to-do-list that aren't getting done. Finding a trusted professional to partner with — one who can be depended on to complete the projects that are essential to your home’s well-being — is key.

    A handyman can be defined as a convenient, single point of contact who helps homeowners stay on top of upkeep, planning, and home maintenance. A AAA House Manager can also be defined as a convenient, single point of contact who helps homeowners stay on top of upkeep, planning, and home maintenance. However, there are plenty of differences between the two, and those differences can impact everything from your pocketbook to your peace of mind.

    Here are five major differences between a AAA House Manager and a professional Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It.

    AAA House Manager handyman cleaning gutters on a ladder1. Proactive vs. Reactive 

    This is the biggie. It is, in fact, the headwater from which most of the differences between a handyman and a AAA House Manager flow.  A handyman is reactive. Things go wrong — the faucet leaks, the water heater breaks down — and the handyman springs into action.

    House Managers are proactive. Initial Assessments (also known as First Home Visits), Home Health Reports and 6-month Healthy Home Check-ups — they are all designed to make a House Manager your partner in your home ownership journey.

    The House Manager's goal is to anticipate problems before they become considerable expenses. Like a handyman, your House Manager will be there in a pinch when accidents happen, but they’ll also do everything in their power to prevent those accidents from happening in the first place.

    2. One call gets it all

    No handyman can do it all. (They’re handymen, not Supermen.) And a handyman who doesn't want you to know the limits of his/her skillset may attempt to perform work for which he/she is not ideally suited, ending in disastrous results. As a homeowner, you need a reliable plumber, painter, electrician, and many other professionals to ensure the job is done right. Unfortunately, each new project comes with hours of research, un-returned phone calls, and scheduling headaches to get what you need done.

    A House Manager offers a different approach. Your to-do list may include several projects that are both major and minor. House Managers are knowledgeable across various aspects of home maintenance — from repairing a leaky faucet or tightening a loose fixture, to replacing old pipes with new ones.

    When they come across a highly problematic task that needs to be done by someone with a specific skillset, they draw from a network of AAA-certified specialists and make the call for help themselves. Being able to get all your projects done by making a single phone call is one way to simplify today’s complex, hyper-busy world. 

    matt-kitchen-report (2)

    3. Confidence is key

    Every handyman would love to be able to back up their work with the AAA Guarantee. All House Managers are AAA Certified and any work they perform is backed by that legendary promise.

    What is that legendary promise? The AAA Guarantee stipulates that if you’re not satisfied with your service, your House Manager will do whatever it takes to make it right. Whatever it takes.

    You're not at risk for extra service fees or hidden charges, which should help instill confidence. 

    4. Eliminate scope creep

    Scope of work is defined as the work required to complete any given project. Defining scope of work is a critical part of any engagement with a handyman. The “creep” occurs when a project’s requirements unexpectedly increase over the life of the project (e.g. when a routine dripping faucet blossoms into a full-fledged fixture replacement).

    By nature, their preventative approach and strong communication allow House Managers to avoid creep. Plus, Home Health Reports detail all work that is recommended on a home before any work begins. And no work is done without your explicit approval. 

    AAA House Manager home services van5. A+++ Value

    AAA House Manager memberships start at $40 per month and include a home visit every six months, during which your House Manager performs safety checks, provides consultations, and takes care of minor items on your to-do list.  

    A Home Health Report is provided after each visit, which can be used to schedule future maintenance work at a below-market-rate of $89 per hour. Handyman rates can vary and specialists are expensive, especially in an emergency.

    And neither offer preventative home maintenance visits or Home Health Reports. They benefit when things go wrong. You benefit when things are going right.


    There’s a new way to do your to-do list. AAA House Manager has taken the concept of one-stop home maintenance and made it more efficient, more full-proof, and more trustworthy. It combines the skillset of an experienced professional with a structured emphasis on preventative maintenance to safeguard your biggest financial investment.

    For busy homeowners, it’s a simple, effective way to ensure your home receives the expert maintenance it deserves on the routine basis it needs.

    Homeownership just got easier!


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