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    8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Health Quality

    Posted by Lauren Parker on Jun 18, 2019 3:56:00 PM
    Lauren Parker
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    Home is where the heart is. It shouldn’t be where the pollen, bacteria, germs and other risks to our health and well-being are. The team at House Manager wants your home to be the safest, healthiest place it can be. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of easy steps you can take to transform your home into a haven for healthy living.


    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 11. Go green

    As if there needed to be another reason to add more green to our homes! Houseplants can play a key role in improving indoor health quality. Spider plants, English ivy, peace lilies, and philodendrons are examples of plants that help neutralize environmental pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzine, and others that can find their way into our homes. Here’s a list of 15 houseplants you can rely on to help put pollutants in their place.




    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 2

    2. Low (or no) VOC paints

    Tackling a painting project? Take a fresh approach by using low or no VOC paints. Consumer Reports defines VOCs as solvents that get released into the air as certain types of paints dry. They can cause acute symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. They can be avoided entirely by purchasing paints that are explicit about their low VOC content. Sherwin Williams offers a wide selection that meet environmental requirements. Check them out here.



    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 33. Roll out the (un)welcome mat

    It's allergy season in the Bay Area, but you don’t have to take it lying down. Keeping a doormat on both sides of main entryways will help prevent dirt that may contain harmful bacteria from being tracked into your home. It’s a smart, stealthy way to keep unwanted allergens at bay.





    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 44. No shoes, no entry. (No kidding.)

    Speaking of allergies, you may want to consider politely asking family, friends, and other guests to remove their shoes before they enter your home. The harmful bacteria that has hitched a ride on their sneakers won't have a chance to move in and wreak havoc on your immune system.





    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 55. Clear the air

    Everybody knows that allergy relief and air quality are closely entwined. But not all air purifiers are created equal. By investing in a proven device that removes indoor pollutants known to negatively impact the respiratory tract, you'll breathe easier — literally and figuratively. AchooAllergy.com is one trusted resource for high-quality, industry-approved air purification devices.  



    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 66. No fleas, please

    If there’s one thing dog and cat people can agree on, it’s that they don’t want fleas around. Treating your pets with a monthly tick and flea medication will help eliminate fleas before they infect your home.






    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 77. Filter tap water

    We may not be Denmark, but Bay Area drinking water receives consistently high marks for quality courtesy of its source, the High Sierra! (Bay Area residents enjoy eau de Hetch Hetchy in 26 cities and water districts—from San Francisco to Palo Alto, San Jose to Fremont.) That being said, err on the side of caution by filtering your drinking water. Activated carbon filters can help reduce pollutants like lead from old water pipes, and by-products of chemicals like chlorine that are used to treat drinking water. We’ll drink to that!


    Pro tip: Nearly everything in the fridge has an expiration date and your water filters are no different. Whether you choose to affix your filtration device to your pitcher or your tap, be sure to change the filter every six months. The same principle applies to water dispensers.


    HM-115_Improve Your Home Health Quality_Insert 88. Three kitchen essentials

    Let’s stay with the kitchen. It’s not just what’s in your cupboards and fridge that makes a kitchen a healthy. How you take care of the space matters, too. Got a crack in the cutting board? Replace it before germs turn it into a hiding place. Clean prep surfaces with hot soapy water after each use. (Consider using vinegar as a cleaning agent.) Lastly, let your plates and silverware dry thoroughly before putting them away. It may not seem like much, but it all adds up to a safer and healthier kitchen. After all, it’s the most popular room in the entire house!



    Life is fraught with unpredictability. Our homes shouldn’t be. At House Manager, we believe your home should be a haven for healthy living. We’ve outlined a number of steps in this article you can take to achieve this goal, but there are plenty more.

    Replacing Teflon-coated pots and pans with ceramic nonstick surfaces. Saying no to stain-protection treatments for new furniture. Banning smoking. Opening a window to let in a little fresh air every now and then. Feng shui offers a variety of tips you can use to create a happy, healthy home environment.

    The point is when it comes to your health, the right diet and fitness regimen matter, but there’s no place like home.  

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