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    Love Your Home: Upgrade Your Plant Game

    Posted by Sophie Bousset on Jan 21, 2020 2:40:00 PM
    Sophie Bousset
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    Plants are one of the most natural and affordable (depending on what you select!) ways to liven up an interior, and Millennials have noticed. In case any confusion remains as to the growing obsession (pun intended), the Instagram hashtag #plantsofinstagram clocks in at more than 4 million posts — that's 3 million more than the cohort's beloved #avocadotoast! But the approachable hobby isn't only for Millennials. Anyone and everyone can benefit from some added verdure in their life. As members of the House Plant Club will brightly explain, plants make people happy.

    Bright fuchsia succulents

    1. Pop(py) of Color

    Nothing says bright and happy like a vibrant pop of color. Fortunately, the green kingdom does not disappoint when it comes to color variety. We like purple heart and lipstick succulents for low effort, max rainbow rewards but The Spruce has some great other options for vivid indoor plants. And don't forget about flowers! African violets are easy to keep alive come in a broad array of hues. Feel up for a challenge? The hibiscus is trickier but comes in even more shades. Plus, who doesn't want a little vacation spirit back home?


    Assorted potted plants arranged on a ladder

    2. Lofty Vegetation

    If you've caught the houseplant fever and find your new potted friends accumulating all over your living space, we have just the solution for you: ladders! Cooler and more versatile than shelves, this tool lets you hang or display plants on otherwise unused wall real estate. Plus, if you find that the first place you set your ladder doesn't provide the right amount of sunlight or is in an area with too much temperature variance, you can easily move it to another part of your home. Just make sure you don't commandeer the ladder you usually bring out for repairs around the house, lest your new arrangement need to be redone each time you fix something high up.


    Intricate hanging planters3. Hanging Greens

    We enjoy swinging and hanging in hammocks on vacation. Why shouldn't our plant babies enjoy the same sense of weightlessness, sans air travel? You have several options: picture frames, macramé planters, and hanging shelves. For a unique touch, Etsy offers some "unbeliefably" adorable hanging planters. Or, make your own macramé planter with this easy tutorial for first timers (not pictured). More experienced crafters will make friends green with envy thanks to advanced DIY planter ideas like fringed macramé hangers and vertical wooden platform hangers. Bonus: it keeps living greens well out of reach of pets they may not be safe for.


    Bonsai4. The Bonsai Challenge

    As graceful and beautiful as they are capricious, bonsai may be the ultimate challenge for aspiring home gardeners. May we suggest that you start with a less challenging Ficus Bonsai, which is more tolerant of low humidity, gardening errors, and generally easier to maintain indoors. While they will survive indoors, most bonsai prefer the outdoors where their growth cycles can more easily align with the changing seasons. 

    Pro Tip: Bonsai require continual pruning and maintenance. If you're not ready to pamper your bonsai every day, it might be best to stick to less demanding greenery. 


    Young calico cat with potted indoor plant5. Pet-friendly Fare

    We wouldn't forget Fido and Fluffy! You know your furry friends are going to be curious about any new potted creations you bring home. Between sniffing, scratching, and full on degustation, you know you're going to be in for some sort of pet administered inspection. If your latest purchase isn't hanging somewhere out of reach, consider going for something your fur babies will enjoy. Cat grass and catnip aside, cats love valerian, cat thyme, licorice root, and mint. Dogs appreciate lavender, rosemary, and chamomile. The SPCA has an exhaustive list of non-toxic plants for cats, dogs, and horses (don't you have one in your backyard too?).




    Want more ideas for decorating with plants? Browse our first compilation here. Happy gardening!


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